• Graham Yates

The 40 Piece Challenge

ANNOUNCING a new project this year. You may already be familiar with the 40 Piece Challenge from last year: students earned a sticker for each piece they learned, whether through lessons or through another source like their own home learning, whether by reading sheet music, or picking out a melody by ear. Students were challenged to learn 40 pieces from September to June.

This has not changed for 2018-19.

What is new this year is that I will be posting short musical compositions to my You Tube and Facebook pages, along with a video tutorial with tips for learning each one quickly. A link to download and print the sheet music for each piece will be posted in the description of the video.

Ideally, a student with at least one or two years' piano lessons experience could learn the pieces on their own - one each week. But students can learn at their own pace - jump in, jump out; take as long as they want, etc. The goal is the same: to demonstrate that learning music doesn't need to only be the intense, weeks- or months-long effort that some pieces require. They can be bite-sized, too.

Plus, I hope you'll enjoy the composition.

You can learn more in this short video introduction to the project below.

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