• Graham Yates

We're Moving! (Don't worry - it's close by)

I’m excited to announce that we have bought a house and so over the next few weeks North Austin Piano Studio will be moving to Round Rock!

The new address is 1519 Ashwood Ct, Round Rock 78664. It is located in a cul-de-sac off of Greenlawn Blvd, 2 miles north of the HEB at Greenlawn and Louis Henna.

The new location is about 5.5 miles northeast of our current house. My hope is that whether you’re coming to lessons from the west side of Round Rock, or Pflugerville, or northbound I-35, your commute will be basically the same (or shorter!) once we resume in-person lessons.

For the foreseeable future, nothing much will change in terms of Zoom lessons. For the very few of you who are attending in-person lessons with precautions, keep coming to Kissman Dr until I let you know when I’m ready at the new location.

I want to reiterate that once the pandemic is over, I will still be offering remote teaching as an alternative to in-person lessons. This will give students the option to attend lessons remotely when they are sick, traveling, or if the family car is required for another purpose, instead of missing the lesson. In fact, for those who may wish to continue remote lessons regularly, I will only require a minimum of one in-person lesson per month to observe posture and properly hear tone production and artistry.

But back to the new location! The most exciting thing is that lessons will be taught in a “tiny home” on the property, separate from the residence. It will have a waiting area, an outdoor courtyard, a restroom, and TWO teaching studios as I will be hiring a second teacher as soon as it’s practical to do so. I’m looking forward to introducing you to the new and improved North Austin Piano Studios!

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