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Remote Recital!

Sunday, April 5, 2020 by Graham Yates | Student Recordings

Before we all had to go on lockdown mode due to Covid-19, North Austin Piano Students had been preparing a recital performance at a local senior's center. Well, we all know what happened to all our plans after mid-March 2020!

So instead, students performed their recital piece during their (fancy, new) Zoom lessons and the result is charmingly lo-fi (on the part of the technology, because streaming) - but the performing is, in my opinion, stellar.

I'm so pleased to be able to share what would have otherwise been a one-time semi-private event! These students rock! And I'm glad we all get to have this momento of the early days of our pandemic experience. Be on the lookout for more online performances!   

If you would like to jump ahead to a specific performer's spot in the video, here is the program:

Emery – Honeybee 0:14

Saaz – Cuckoo 0:38

Siya – Lightly Row 1:30

Nico – Honeybee 2:06

Minh – Cuckoo 2:5

Ashley – London Bridge 3:23

Jose – Cuckoo 3:41

Daniel – Go Tell Aunt Rhody 4:05

Lally – Celebration 4:52

Lilah – Go Tell Aunt Rhody 5:16

Anvitha – Dream Journey 6:26

Khashvi – A Song For You 7:08

Eleanor – Song of Twilight 8:37

Mohnish – Arabesque 10:29

Cylee – Holiday Parade 11:20

Tesla – Left Alone, Zinc Pink 12:15

Samaya – Sonatina in G 13:54

Deekshita – Sonata in A 15:48

Apoorva – Scamp 18:51

Julia – Deserted Plantation 19:42

Noah – Prelude in D 23:02