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Ready to Zoom!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 by Graham Yates | Announcements

Just like many businesses have done in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, North Austin Piano Studio has gone remote. Zoom is a relatively easy way to connect over the internet at your usual lesson time, with minimal set up and equipment. I have taught this way for remote students for years and am very comfortable with the slight adaptations to the teaching style it requires. I'm also well versed in getting students of all ages up to speed with the necessary adaptation.

I also really think there are some ways in which Zoom lessons improve on lessons! It requires me to email my lesson notes directly to the parent's invoice, and, using MyMusicStaff, I can assign and track repertoire directly on a student's account. Each repertoire entry has direct links to audio and video files to help with learning. Truly, online learning has its advantages!

I encourage all students and parents to embrace what is helpful about having to move lessons to an online platform, as well as the opportunity to increase or re-commit to daily piano practice since kids are indeed stuck at home all day. Maybe some good habits we forge during these hard times will endure once we are able to resume the "old" ways once again.

Be healthy, safe, and happy practicing!