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RCM Certified

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 by Graham Yates | Announcements

It's official - Graham Yates is now a certified music teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Mr. Yates learned the system before graduating high school in Canada, earning credentials for level 9 piano through a practical examination that included performing, comprehensive technical demonstrations, ear tests and sight-reading evaluations. He also completed the co-requisite music theory and history examinations.

After earning his masters degree in piano performance, Mr. Yates taught the RCM system in Canada for many years by preparing students for practical, theory and history exams. Since moving to Texas in 2014, he has successfully prepared many students for RCM exams, from preparatory level A through Level 9.

Mr. Yates looks forward to extending the benefits of RCM Certification to his students through enhanced educational opportunities.